Killing Party

tempat saya membackup ide dalam kepala

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

brain squeezing

beberapa kredo penting harus saya tulis kembali :
  1. only you who can help yourself (means: when you have to type on google, you will do it by your own hands)
  2. life is about answering challenges.
  3. brain is your main weapon. mouth is your second one.
  4. indexing is the only effective technique of storing information in the brain for you right now. use other partition in your brain for processing task, and always keep in your (ROM) mind that your memory should be cleaned regulary. use other media (disks, papers, and other's brains) to store the rest of informations.
  5. when you feel that you processing information ability getting slow, means too many garbage in your brain. squeeze it, and youll be fresh and fast again.
  6. optional : prepare panadol or aspirin before you do the brain squeezing.
happy life!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

they come in peace

i knew it. they need us!